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Lean StartIN

Lean StartIN

16-Nov-2013 - 17-Nov-2013

StartUp Britain has 5 spaces available for the Lean StartIN World Tour. Discover the Lean Startup Secrets from Intuit – Join us for an exclusive two-day workshop on 16th-17th November 2013.

Be more innovative.

Stop wasting people's time.

Be more successful.

The Lean Startup 

The Lean Startup theory, devised by Eric Ries in his best-selling book The Lean Startup, is at the heart of Intuit’s global success story. Now, the secrets behind the concept will be shared in an exclusive workshop for startups, hosted by Intuit.

Focused on how the Lean Startup principles can be applied to growing businesses – the workshop will allow you to kick-start your business idea and increase your chances of success.

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You will:

·      Learn how to put Eric Ries’ Lean Startup theory into practice

·      Discover the secrets of applying lean startup principles to your idea

·      Practice rapid experimentation tips, tricks and hacks

·      Get expert coaching, mentorship and feedback from Intuit Leaders

·      Uncover additional “insider” secrets we can’t publish here

When: November 16-17, 2013 at Intuit’s London Office (8am-4pm each day)

Note we only have room for 5 teams to attend, so be sure to respond to this email quickly to reserve your spot. We’ll follow-up with more details soon, and let you know when your team is selected.

Don’t wait for all the spots to be taken, be sure to apply soon!